Our treatments are not just for the ladies we have a whole range of mens treatments to keep the modern man well-groomed with a polished appearance.


Dermalogica Deep Cleanse Hydrating Facial


A deep cleanse followed by an enzyme peel and extraction removing any congestion. Coupled with a facial massage and soothing mask to balance and hydrate your skin.

Appointment time: 1 hour

Express Microzone Facial


An express mircozone treatment to detoxify and re-balance a distressed complexion. Treatment to focus on one of the following:

  • flash exfoliation
  • blackhead relief
  • eye rescue
  • rapid spot cleaning

Appointment time: 30 mins

Cleansing Back Treatments

Back Purification


De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deep cleansing scrub sloughs off dead skin preparing the skin for the removal of toxins.

Swedish Massage

After a busy, stressful day, our massage treatments relieve strain and tension, stimulate circulation and remove toxic build up, leaving you relaxed and revitalised. The perfect deep tissue massage to soothe muscles, improve the skin, muscle tone and circulation.

Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage


Swedish Full Body Massage


Hands and Feet



Express manicure to tidy cuticles, shape and buff ridges from your nails.



Express pedicure to tidy cuticles, shape and buff ridges from your toenails.

Hair Removal


The use of warm wax will be applied to the area with a spatula then removed with a paper or fabric strip.

Eyebrow £10
Cheeks £10
Centre Brows £9
Back and Shoulders £27
Chest From £25
Shoulders From £15


As an alternative to waxing, we also offer the ancient technique of hair removal of Threading. Using twisted cotton thread instead of warm wax, people of a sensitive skin type find this less irritating to the skin, minimising redness.

Eyebrow £9
Cheeks £9
Centre Brows £6


For a permanent hair reduction solution we can offer laser treatment with the leading technology, Ecolite IR-Diode Laser. For more information on this offering, please see our laser treatment page.

 A consultation and patch test is required before commencing treatment.  Our pricing for men can be found below:

Forehead £80
Centre Brows £55
Cheeks £75
Sideburns £60
Upper Lip £50
Chin £65
Jawline £155
Neck £75
Shoulders £110
Underarms £80
Full Arms £160
Forearms £130
Chest £100
Stomach £160
Navel Line £70
Back £170
Full Legs £230
Thighs £170
Lower Legs £150
Hands or Feet £60
Fingers or Toes £60